The reconstruction project of the dairy complex in the Zhytomyr region

Milk is undoubtedly one of the products which is present in the diet of almost every Ukrainian family.

However, the situation of this product in Ukraine is not comforting: for 10 months of 2019 8.4 million tons produced in Ukraine milk, which is 3.6%, or 313 thousand tons less than in the same period of the past of the year.

Most of the existing enterprises continue to work on the old production base, which remained from the time of the Soviet Union, which in the conditions of modern realities does not always meet the high requirements of HACCP, DSTU 4161-2003, DSTU ISO 22000: 2007, etc.

Despite worsening statistics on milk production and cattle stock cattle in Ukraine (see below Help ), in Ukraine has enterprises and specialists who continue to work and to develop this direction.

Reference. As of September 1, 2019 in Ukraine decreased cattle stock (КРС), including cows as well as pigs, sheep and goats compared to the same date 2018th. At the same time, the number of poultry increased.

This follows from the data released by the press service of the State statistics services.

Cattle stock decreased to 3.67 million animals (-4.6%), including cows – to 1.91 million animals (-4,6%).

For the period of its operation, 30-40, and sometimes 50-60 years (!) these structures are morally and physically outdated, and cannot provide those modern requirements that are put forward in the current realities.

The company System Invest 2015 is grateful to its long-standing partners (Eridon-Bud company) who invited us to the project for the reconstruction of the dairy complex in the Zhytomyr region.

The task was on the one hand simple, but very interesting: provide the optimal combination of “price and quality” of roofing sandwich panels for the project, taking into account the work of structures in an aggressive livestock environment premises. Indeed, for the comfortable keeping of animals, it is necessary to design livestock complex should provide high-quality ventilation inside buildings and incorporate content technology.

Well, and how is it often found in construction – all this had to be done as much as possible short time!!! 😉

Engineering Department of System Invest 2015 “proposed the best option for the layout of roofing sandwich panels in the length of the roof slope, which on this project is more than 16.0 m.

This technical solution allowed maximum use of road transport and reduce Logistic costs for delivery of products to the facility and the final cost of sandwich panels for the customer.

Lock system roofing sandwich panels of the System Invest 2015 company “standing fold”, allowed the installation team to lay sandwich panels an average of about 300 m2 / shift and quickly close the roof of the structure from external precipitation and proceed to internal work.

A technical The solution with a ridge light is not only functional and practical, but also emphasized the construction as a whole.

We are sure that this roof will last for decades and with joint efforts we will succeed in quality transform the agricultural enterprises of Ukraine for the better, and they, for their part, will please all of us with quality products in supermarkets and stores in Ukraine.