Metal tile

Since September 2015, LLC System Invest 2015, LLC has been offering direct supplies of roofing coatings to the production of leading companies in the global construction industry in Ukraine. Now you can leave a request via the Internet to buy metal roofing in Kiev with delivery to your city. This is a lightweight roofing material used to overlap the roofs of apartment buildings, cottages, country houses, industrial and storage buildings. Metal tiles are used during construction and reconstruction, and without the need to strengthen the truss system.

You can order and buy metal tile with a matte, smooth, textured, brilliant lacquer-and-paint protective layer of different thickness and color.

Metal tile and its features

Modern metal roofing is a multi-layered building material consisting of a protective polymer layer that guarantees high strength and excellent operational properties of the roofing.

  • The protective zinc coating is applied thickly on both sides, providing protection against external environmental factors.
  • Zinc thickness conforms to European quality standards and standards.
  • Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials, metal tiles have a long service life.
  • We offer options in the Romanesque, Mediterranean, Germanic styles. There is a metal tile on sale that resembles a Monterrey-type roofing tile, a modular metal tile for wooden roofs, etc.

What you need to know before you buy it? The metal tile offered in the catalog of finished products is worthy of your attention, since all manufacturers give a guarantee for a decorative coating of a roofing material for a period of 10-30 years. Such a roof of metal will last longer than any other.

Фото дом из металочерепици

Features of ordering on the website of LLC System Invest 2015

We are guaranteed you can buy a metal tile, the price of which will be favorable and correspond to your idea of ​​quality.

  • First you need to decide on the products you need.
  • Next, you need to send a request and the manager calls back within a few minutes.
  • Specify what metal tile is needed, manufacturer.
  • We help calculate the quantity and cost.
  • Delivery of the order after payment or prepayment.

“LLC System Invest 2015” is a regional representative of several roofing manufacturers in Ukraine. Leave a request on the site, and we will calculate the required amount, we will answer your questions.