Fastener products

The company “System Invest 2015” supplies all types of fasteners in Ukraine imported and domestic production from leading manufacturers.

You can buy screws, self-tapping screws, an anchor from us. Choose and buy dowels with delivery in Kiev or any region of Ukraine. The quality of products has already been appreciated by our regular customers. Right on the site you can buy the proposed products.

We provide a comprehensive supply of screws, bolts, nuts, screws, special conditions for customers with ready-made applications. We are ready to provide high-quality fastening systems at competitive prices on the market.

Everyone knows that the final result depends on the quality of fastener products. According to statistics, in the construction or repair of 10 m2 of residential or industrial premises need more than 1 kg. fastening elements of different types from nails to screws. That is why the supply of fasteners are actual in any quantities.

You can buy fasteners from our range with us

  • BoltsФото изготовление болтов.
  • Painted screws RAL
  • Screws galvanized on wood and metal
  • Self tapping screws for sandwich panels, zinc + RALФото изготовление шурупов
  • Nails painted for composite tileфото изготовление гвоздей.
  • Painted rivets RALфото изготовление заклепок.
  • Fasteners for thermal insulation of facades
  • Fastening of thermal insulation on a flat roof
  • Perforated fasteners, angles, plates, brackets
  • Medium and heavy load anchors
  • Quick mounting hardware
  • Hardware for plasterboard systemsФото соединители деревянных конструкций
  • Expansion dowels
  • Universal expansion dowels
  • Facade dowels, window fasteners
  • Dowels for aerated concrete
  • Fasteners for rainwater systems
  • Wood screws
  • Connectors for wooden structures
  • Plumbing fixture
  • Metric technology

Be sure to pay attention to the diameter of the fastener, the length, the size of the bit. If there are difficulties with the selection – contact us, we will consult on all the necessary issues.