Wall sandwich panels

Metal three-layer wall sandwich panels with special mineral wool insulation produced by LLC RBU System Invest (Republic of Belarus) is the ideal solution for building walls of industrial and commercial buildings. The manufacturer is one of the industry leaders, has credibility among business partners and customers, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Картинка стеновая сэндвич-панель

Sandwich panel

Technical characteristics and features of wall sandwich panels

Thermal insulation wall sandwich panels – building materials, the design of which consists of two external profiled metal sheets, interconnected by a two-component polyurethane adhesive. Inside there is a special insulating layer that provides excellent technical characteristics – it is mineral basalt wool, which improves the insulating properties of the wall structure, the room does not require large resources for heating.

We suggest you use panels for walls. The thickness of the wall panels ranges from 50 to 300 mm, the assembly width from 1170 to 1190 mm. The mass of the panel depends on the thickness and ranges from 13.81 to 40.6 kg / sq.m.

All products we offer have a fire hazard class of panels = K0, which indicates the impossibility of fire. This means that the design of such panels does not burn and belongs to the class “fireproof”.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the catalog of wall panels: photos, prices, diagrams, tables with technical parameters and characteristics.

  • You can buy a sandwich wall panel with a smooth and regular profile, in the form of a microwave.
  • There are various options for profiling wall sandwich panels. There are designs of panels of different thickness, width, length.

Main types of profiling:

Тип профилирования гладкий (сэндвич панель)

Profile smooth “Р”

Тип профилирования микроволна (стеновая сэндвич панель)

Microwave profile «V»

Тип профилирования стандарт (сэндвич-панель)

Profile Standard «S»

Possible options for wall profiling

Таблица вариантов профилирования стеновых сэндвич панелей

Wall profiling options

Types of connection panels and those. specifications

Характеристик соединения стеновой сэндвич-панели

Характеристики стеновых панелей  ПС 1190 – М  (замок Z-Lock)

Соединение замка Z-lock (стеновая сэндвич-панель)

Characteristics of the wall panels PS 1170 – M (Secret Fix lock)

Значение основных показателей стеновых сэндвич-панелей Secret-Fix

Characteristics of the wall panels PS 1170 – M (Secret Fix lock)

The Belarusian-made wall sandwich panels supplied by us can be used for vertical and horizontal installation of buildings and structures. They are ideally suited for the construction of industrial and residential buildings in conditions of high humidity, as well as in areas with a high level of seismicity 7-9 points.

The main advantages of these building materials include easy installation, durability and economy, resistance of wall panels to corrosion and environmental friendliness. Finishing wall panels is carried out quickly and does not require special knowledge, it is enough to consult a specialist. Sandwich panel buildings are stylish and durable. The construction itself is lighter than other wall materials, for example, bricks.

You can order and buy a panel for the walls, and our staff will advise on the installation, will answer all your questions. All products are certified, moreover, by ordering the goods available on the site via the Internet, you get the opportunity to study all the necessary characteristics, make a preliminary calculation and estimate the cost, and if you have questions, we will be happy to answer them.