Insulation Materials

We offer materials for the isolation of industrial, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings and structures of domestic and import production, from proven suppliers. With us you can buy sound insulation, waterproofing for the implementation of your projects, not replaceable with new construction and reconstruction of various difficulties.

The proposed insulation materials are divided into the following types:

  • Thermal insulation – highly porous products, medium density and having low thermal conductivity. Used for insulation, including heating systems, floors, walls. With their help, heat losses are reduced 2-3 times or more, fuel is more efficiently consumed, comfort level increases. According to their physical properties, they can be rigid, loose, fibrous. Available in rolls, drilling form, can be single.
  • Soundproofing – materials used in any premises. Interfere with sound penetration. Placed between the floors of industrial and residential buildings, between partitions, is used to insulate the ceiling, etc.
  • Waterproofing – roll materials that have enhanced water resistance properties protect building and other structures from exposure to liquids of different composition, including groundwater, from the first aquifer. Such materials guarantee long-term operation of residential buildings, prevent the penetration of moisture into the basements, is used to insulate the foundation structures. To protect the attic is used special material – vapor barrier film.
  • Reflective materials. These are special heaters with reflective properties. Often there is a thin layer of foil on it that retains heat.

In the assortment there is also wind insulation, universal samples for protection of building, communication structures from deep and surface penetration of water and steam – hydro-vapor barrier.

Basic Insulation Requirements

When choosing materials, be sure to consider the scope of use, choosing the best type of insulation. It can be organic sound-proofing materials, for example, foam plastics or mineral, inorganic, for example, glass wool or stone wool, mixed types of insulation.

Using reliable insulation can reduce the cost of building materials, electricity, reduce the cost of thickening walls and roofs.

You should not rely on the fact that sound-proofing materials will create a 100% sound barrier, at the same time they guarantee the absorption of most of the noise coming from outside.

It does not matter what material is used in the implementation of your project – call and we will select the insulation according to your requirements.