Smoke Removal Systems

Adjustable ventilation system “SVS”

Constructive features

VPs will be set up on pokrіvlі budіvlі that is assigned to Victory, as a component of the system of natural heat of the heat of the lake from near the fire, and also for the natural illumination. All elements of the construction of the arch type vigotovlenі zі stalі, іrmedtovano ї tsinkovm_nim soil and farbovanoi ї in powder chambers, alumіnіхіvikh profіlіv that zavnovennya high-visibility mobile polycarbonate. VP nadiyyno spratsovuє with a lowering navantazhennі more than 50 kg per m2. The life of “SVS” is given under the measure of post 24V. Seredniy termіn service VP “SVS” warehouseє 15 rokіv. VP of equipments with an elektromekhannichny drive with a heat-sensitive element. Priv_d mozhe vіdkrivatisya: automatically when the temperature is taken, the temperature will be more than 70 degrees C; distantly, with spraying systems and fire alarm signals; in manual mode, from pokr_vlі chi z prim_shchennya (for vimoyu Zamovnika), for additional cable. The strength element of the VP valve is to serve two gas springs with a 700N (for “SVS” 01-200×100 / 1.69) or 900N (for “SVS” 02-12000×3000 / 1.2) Design of the VP to reproach only 100% of the components control of propriety.

Airtightness Design

Contact the surface polycarbonate to the metal frame of the VP, do not mix gum abo from silikonovyh frontier beds (pysdvishchena sensitively to nespryyatlivyh factors of the navalish middle core), yakі could speed the speed of exporters. The hermeticity of reaching zavdyaki plastic powerpoly polycarbonate in contact, as well as a special stretch upper steel profile.

Фото металлический каркас устройства дымоудаленния

Open the door with a flap, framed around the perimeter of the portions of the sun-ozone-frost gum.

Basic technical characteristics of fan attachments


Teplo_zolyuyucha zdatnіst surface

Фото сертификат соответствия устройства дымоудаления.The unnecessary casting of the heat transfer of the S & T heat supply of the VPs is attributed to energy saving on the basis of the degree-dib of the opaluvalnogo period from the mind of the prepared condensate on the internal surface of the structure. Svitlopronikne zapovnennya maє horoshiі teploіkіzolyuuchі vlivivostі. Cellular form will be protected in accordance with the characteristics of the characteristics of significantly less heat from the ground, not only in single-sided materials for sklіnnya. The studs of the support frames of the VP are obov’yazkovo insulated with high heat insulation materials. TOV “Dosvіd 2002” Vikoristovuyak, yak uteplyuvach, minerlnu wool cotton wool no less than 100mm.

Nadiina design and compensation of temperature deformation

Mitsna design VP (base VP of Viconan zi steel sheet with 1mm commodity, on vіdmіnu vіd інs.yhshyh virobnik_v, zakosovuyot galvanized sheet comrade 0.45-0.5mm) and valve dimovidalennii zatoyuyuyu on iyyyyyyyyyyy to get used to get used to get a galvanized workout, 0.45-0.5mm VP of arch design of nadіyno spratsovu at rosrakhunkovy vіtrovuyu chim to snigovomu navantazhennі not less than 50 kg per m2. Svitlopronikne zapovnennya in the institutes of the design of the VP of a thermal compensation kazi, the gap that at high temperatures in the middle of the middle does not cause problems with the expansion of polycarbonate sheets. The thermal expansion of the polycarbonate sheet is 70.2 * 10-6 degrees C-1, to which thermal compensation has been the highest at virobnitstvi VP.

Фото устройство дымоудаленияThe panels of polycarbonate are shifted from thermo-compensating gaps. To adjust the thermal gap to the deformation of the polycarbonate sheets and the poroushena hermetically, it is necessary to terminate the air conditioner. Svitlopronikne arochny zapovnennya from the polykarbonatnyh panels of the makysoku against shock in a wide range of temperatures from -40 degrees C to +120 degrees C, vitrimuyuchi hit a stone with a diameter of 20-30 mm, and fly 20 meters, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 mm, 20 cm, and 20 in. Polikarbonat not rozbivaєtsya into fragments and not very small vagu – 1.7-2.4 kg / m2.

Svtlopronikna zdatnіst

Svitlopronikne zapovnennya cellular polykarbonatu, stale vіd tovschini, passes up to 82% of the visible part of the light spectrum. In their own circle of the material of the bronze and matte wedos, they allow the passing of the svyatny svіtl i zmenshuvati peregrіv povіtrya in the waking and the well-known chutlivyh materіalіv. On syogodnі, in the assortment of virobnikіv z’yavilisya paneli_ cellular polіkarbonat zі specialіnal pokrittyam, yak made selective power.

Installation of VP on pokryvl from PVC materials (membranes)

Vazhlyuyu peculiarity, a yak vplivaє on dovgovchnuyu exploitation, pokrіvlі, є gіdroіzolyatsіya vstanovlennogo steel [-subodіbnogo frame VP. Correct vikonannya primikannya pokryvayno ї membranes to the VP of the envoy, the yak of the vimaga singing and dosvіdu. Kriplennya PVC mater_al vimagak mechanіchno ї fіksats і ї on steel framework. Yakscho propіzi p_d VP zazhaledіd znacheneni, neobkhіdno Viconati overlap of the pokrivelnogo materіalu on the choice of VP in rozmіrі not less than 500 mm. Krai pokryvelnogo materiu zagortayutsya on [-side of the frame VP. Soldering with PVC materal materials can be reconciled with typical vocational schools at the help of a professional tool. I support the contour of the catwalk (the vista of the frame) with such a rosrahunk, the scab of the VP of the visors above the bottom not less than 250 mm. For the purpose of installing a third party organization that, with the help of a unique type of clemency in the process of the robot, TOS “Dosvіd 2002”, broke down the installation of the VP, as allowed by permission to attach it, right, and right.