Roofing Sheet

Roofing corrugated flooring – a special building material, having a depth of profiling from 16 to 58 mm. Wave profiled depends on the slope of the roof and the size of its slope, building material is selected individually. Our company is a direct supplier of roofing corrugated flooring from the most famous domestic and global manufacturers. Having contacted us, you can buy the professional roofing sheet in Kiev with delivery to the regions.


Фото дом из кровельного профнастила

The catalog “LLC System Invest 2015” presents a roofing sheet for the improvement of private cottages, houses, villas, outbuildings. Our business partners have developed a large product line, so that everyone can buy professional roofing sheets of the necessary modification.


Фото 2. Дом из кровельного профнастила

Roofing decking: price and specifications

There is a direct relationship between the cost of building material and its price. Polyester is used as a polymer coating, which allows to produce a coating for roofs of different colors. We offer to buy roofing corrugated board in Kiev in different sizes and colors. In assortment a leaf of blue, red, claret, yellow, blue, gray and green colors and their other shades.



Фото 3. Дом из кровельного профнастила.

The main technical characteristics of this include:

  • Optimum dimensions in length and thickness to guarantee a long service life.
  • The use of high quality polymer coating that improves the quality of roofing corrugated. The cost of such sheets is acceptable even for middle-income Ukrainians.
  • Roof wave height of 35 mm. and above.
  • There are models with and without capillary grooves.

Our suppliers offer products for use in various fields of human activity, including residential and industrial construction.

Фото 4. Дом из кровельного профнастила

Where to buy professional sheet roofing of excellent quality in Ukraine?

To order profiled roofing, for example, Polish, German, Austrian production, today you do not need to go abroad – we ourselves will deliver it to you. We offer the best price in the region for roofing sheeting from leading manufacturers. You can choose and buy stamps from us:

  • T14, T20 and T20K brand – 9 m long, with material thickness up to 0.70 mm.
  • T35E, T40-1 and T40 UKR – up to 12 m long, building material thickness from 0.50 mm and above.
  • T40K 10 and 12 mm long, 0.50 mm and 0.70 mm in dimensions.
  • T50, T57 and sheet mark T57K – maximum length 10 m and 13.6 m., with a sheet thickness of 0.50 mm and 0.70 mm, respectively, and others.

To place an order and buy a roofing corrugated flooring that suits you at the price and quality you need to leave a request and you will be contacted by the managers of LLC LLC Invest Invest and will clarify the order. Be sure to specify the required number of professional sheet, brand, name, the chosen method of payment of the order and delivery address.