LSTC is a universal material that allows producing profiles of any size (maximum length is 13,600 mm and the possibility of transportation is limited).

The production of LSTC is carried out using modern materials and technological equipment.

If you used corners, channels or I-beams before, you should understand that using galvanized LSTC profile is much more profitable, because:

  1. There is no need to carry out customary for the use of other profiles, welding and other work on the object.
  2. The mounting perforation is carried out in the factory, in accordance with the drawings of KMD.
  3. Finished profiles do not require additional painting and priming.
  4. They have a large scope of use due to the use of special paired sections.

The construction of the profile and the house itself from LSTC is 2-3 times lighter than rolled products made of ferrous metal. This allows you to reduce the weight of the structure, construct shallow foundations. Also, you do not need to use special lifting equipment, the speed of installation of runs from LSTC profiles increases several times.

фото изготовление лстк-профилей

To order LSTK profiles, you need to calculate the required number. Price LSTC profile will depend on the specific brand profile, its thickness and the size of the side shelves.

Profiles have high bearing capacity. They are universally used as roofing runs, wall. Can be used as supporting frame and roof beams. Construction companies use them as an element for cladding in thermal insulation of the facades of single and multi-storey buildings, in the construction of fences and fences etc.

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Our proposal is for those who want to improve the strength characteristics of the building, to reduce the weight of the building through the use of modern LSTC profiles. We are ready to answer your questions, calculate the cost, place an order and make delivery. Call, we are ready to discuss the details of cooperation right now.