Profiled carrier

All know that the bearing ability of a professional flooring – the main indicator of an assessment of its quality. Where can I buy a profiled bearing in Kiev?

Since 2015, our company has been a direct supplier of wall, roofing, bearing building materials from leading manufacturers. We offer through the site to order and buy the bearing professional sheet in Kiev with delivery in Ukraine. The range includes the following types of supporting corrugated grades of the brands T57, T92, as well as sheets T128, T150, T160 of Polish production, German, Austrian.

High indicators of the carrying capacity of the professional sheet proposed by us directly depend on:

  1. Use steel sheets having a thickness of up to 1.5 mm.
  2. In production, cold rolling is used to improve profiling rigidity, which is important for increasing spans.

The bearing professional sheet is used for arrangement of facades, as the bearing surface at construction of residential and industrial buildings.

The professional flooring for overlapping is used, and its strength characteristics are several times higher than other roofing materials.

This is an indispensable building material for the construction of agricultural hangars, industrial storage sheds, logistics facilities, garages.

There are versions of sheets with a maximum length of 9 m. And up to 13, 6 m, with different sheet thickness, which helps with the quick installation of the bearing corrugated board. Many consider it economically advantageous, since in a short time it is possible to cover large areas of the roof of residential and industrial buildings.

We suggest to buy the bearing professional sheet of excellent quality. To do this, you need to call or place an online application on the website or contact the company manager, who will clarify the availability of the required number of roofing sheeting in the company’s warehouses.

Фото несущий профнастил

In order to correctly select and buy a bearing professional sheet in Kiev with delivery to the regions, you need to correctly select the profile of the profiled sheet, thickness, be sure to take into account the possible loads, the width of the supports and pick up the system of spans. Our experts are ready to advise you. We are waiting for a call.