Our work

Our work

Harmonious combination of design ideas of the company "NOVUS" and their implementation from "System Invest 2015". It turned out - beautiful!

The project of industrial and office buildings (BMZ) in the Kiev region, v. Tarasovka, successfully implemented LLC System Invest 2015.

The company “System Invest 2015” is the first in Kiev to introduce the use of three-layer sandwich panels of mineral wool insulation “Rockwool”.

Sandwich panels are a convenient and versatile structural component with high strength, heat resistance, as well as durability and the ability to quickly assemble modern buildings.

The Rockwool sandwich panels provide high quality thermal insulation for the building and, in terms of energy efficiency, are superior in performance to many building materials, including brick and cellular concrete. Insulation "Rockwool" has a high insulating ability, significant resistance to high temperatures, as well as resistance to organic matter.

The main advantages of mineral wool insulation:

• high heat and sound insulation ability

• environmentally friendly material

• chemical resistance

• low interest in the settlement of insulation by rodents,

• incombustibility.

Between themselves, the panels are connected with a special lock, which securely fixes the panels and prevents the penetration of moisture into the inside of the sandwich panels.

This project is designed to expand the store "Epicenter" by Krishtaleva.

Among the wide range of building technologies, one of the most cost-effective, fast and efficient installations is the installation of sandwich panels. Demonstrating good material that is used in the construction of frame structures and renovation of facades.

The installation of sandwich panels is a complex process that should be entrusted only to professionals who know the material and follow the construction rules of the installation. Non-professional installation method does not provide the desired results, so you should order the construction and finishing of pre-fabricated buildings only from highly qualified specialists, who are the employees of System Invest Invest LLC. By contacting us, you can not worry, because in a short time you will get excellent results of high quality and reliable work of professionals.

Advantages of using sandwich panels in installation:

• High speed of work performance (300-500 sq.m. / change of one brigade);

• Low construction costs;

• High quality materials;

• Large selection of colors and coatings;

• Heat and sound insulation;

• installation speed;

• The possibility of construction and installation in any weather, at any time of the year.

The company “System Invest 2015” has carried out the design, production and delivery of sandwich panels for the construction of the construction and economic hypermarket “Epicenter” in Nikolaev.

Wall sandwich panels are used for the construction of exterior walls and internal partitions of a building. The area of which is 2100 sq. m.

Roof sandwich panels are used for the roofing of buildings. The area of roofing sandwich panels is 1500 sq. m.

Installation technology, the main stages:

The first stage: delivery, unloading and storage of sandwich panels;

Unloading and placement of products is carried out on a flat site (on the construction site is rarely when there is). Sandwich panels are unloaded using unloading equipment. Between the packs of panels are placed wooden or foam expansion, large size. This prevents the top sheets of the sandwich panels from being damaged.

The second stage: installation;

The lifting of the panels takes place with the help of lifting equipment, the subsequent installation is carried out with the help of a grip for sandwich panels. This method as much as possible protects the surface of the sandwich panels from damage.

The third stage: the selection and use of fasteners;

In the form of fasteners use self-drilling hardware, equipped with EPDM-seal. This seal is necessary to prevent rainwater, snow, dust and dirt from entering the inside of the sandwich panels.

The fourth stage: installation of wall and roof fences;

The mounting takes place in several actions. The first is the supply of the product to the place of attachment. Clamps or vacuum grippers are used for this.

Fifth stage: finishing with decorative elements.

The final in the process of assembly and installation, is the fastening of decorative and finishing elements. For private for fastening decorative elements using rivets. At the end of the work, a protective film is carefully removed from the panels, which is glued to their surface. After that, clean the panel from dust and dirt.

Made for the company “BAUMA” LLC, administrative and warehouse building.

Correct installation is the determining factor that determines the durability of a building.

With vertical assembly, wall panels are raised from corner to corner. Any method provides strength lock - there is no difference "horizontal" or "vertical." For insulation joints, you can use mineral wool. When using this assembly, the sandwich panels are fixed with screws on the wall constructions. When mounting, you should press it down to the base, in order not to make a coating defect, after that make sure of the level.

Locks are fixed, usually at 3 -2 mm. We close the butt joint of the panels with the support of the insulating material.

Main build process:

1. Installation design.

2. Sealed mineral connection. Compaction performed with self-adhesive tape.

3. Installation of the walls starts from the base or from the corner; a germobutyl sealant is laid in the middle of the lock.

4. The establishment of the roof is made from the map to the ridge, the sandwich panels are joined by an “overlap”. From the installation of the first roofing panel depends on the correctness of the assembly of the entire roof.

5. Completes the process: installation window and doors.