Roof Sandwich Panels

Roof sandwich panel – enclosing structures of coatings (roofs), made using environmentally friendly raw materials and modern technologies. The scope of its use is the construction of industrial, commercial, public, residential buildings. Due to the uniqueness of the design using such panels, large amounts of work can be performed in a short time. Sandwich panels are capable of withstanding temperature variations, exposure to corrosive environments, as well as open sources of fire.

Due to the extensive experience of LLC RBU System Invest, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and modern technologies, the finished products of the company meet the requirements of current standards. Roof sandwich panels have the following characteristics:

  • Length from 200 mm to 13,500 mm.
  • Thickness from 100 mm to 300 mm.
  • Width – 1140 mm.
  • Sandwich panel seal – a special RooF-lock lock in the shape of a classic “finger”
  • Roof sandwich panels are made with a mineral basalt wool filling that does not adversely affect other technical parameters and is environmentally safe.

Making an order for the purchase of roofing sandwich panels, it is necessary to carefully study the technical parameters and design features in the range on the website of our company. Additionally, you must consider the weight, dimensions, thermal conductivity and other technical characteristics and quantities.


Main types of profiling:

Тип профилирования гладкий (кровельная сэндвич-панель)

Profile smooth «Р»

Кровельная сэндвич-панель. Тип профилирования микроволна

Microwave profile «V»

Кровельная сэндвич-панель. Тип профилирования стандарт

Profile Standard «S»

Possible options for profiling sandwich panels

Таблица вариантов профилирования кровельных сэндвич панелей

Sandwich Panel Profiling Options

Types of connection panels and those. specifications

Характеристик соединения кровельной сэндвич-панели

Castle Roof-Lock

Characteristics of roofing panels PP 1140-M (Roof-Lock)

Соединение замка roof-lock (кровельная сэндвич-панель)

Sandwich panels are characterized by durability, corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, reliability of connections and ease of installation. These are fireproof, non-combustible building materials, with the help of which the operational characteristics and the level of safety of the whole building are enhanced. The roof of the sandwich panels is strong, durable, has an attractive appearance.

Ask for the price list of roofing materials of our company and leave a request to purchase HERE.

The benefits of working with us

  1. We carry out the sale of sandwich roofing panels manufactured by OOO RBU System Invest, provide installation advice.
  2. We supply roof panels with a standard smooth profile and in the form of microwaves.
  3. We provide advice on the correct choice of roofing materials and their use.
  4. We supply products in Kiev, Kiev region, to other regions of Ukraine.

To place an order for the purchase of sandwich panels, you need to contact the manager of our company by phone or send a request through the website. In a short time we will contact you and specify the details on the order: the required quantity, the first name, patronymic name and surname of the recipient, the delivery address. If you need to deliver a sandwich panel in Ukraine – we will do it for you without additional financial costs. Details are agreed and refined during the ordering process.

Any questions? You can ask the managers of the company at the phone numbers listed on the site.