Construction joints

For dovgovichno ї exploration of industrial prompting important correctly proektiruvati і vshtuvati deformatsііnі shvi.

In Denmark, there is a tendency towards a trend before a breakdown vantagepedoomnost and an intensiveness of robots on a transport and transport tehnіki virobnichyh, warehouse and trade. Vidovіdno, meaningfully zbіlshuєtsya і vpliv on p_dlogi. Naybіlsh ідповідальний міццымими імпп ппппппформавивививи тви, especially ti іх dіlyanki, through the technology to create a rukh tehnіki (vantahnіh machini, navantazhuvіch, pilers, then). The wheels of the technician convey the sign of the navantazhennya, they give the right to the straight seam profile, they wick the shock (dynamical) plug, scoize to make the plots and the seam, get rid of the equipment, and apply the tools to the seam, sewed the equipment and seam; It is important to accelerate the work of warehouse technology, especially for logistic complexes with ploglogs to the class “A”, and it is necessary to repair tehnika and pdlog. Vikristannі tehnіki with solid synthetic wheels of small size, supposedly less than under the floor, lower wheels with pneumatic tires, now more difficult to use.

W metoyu uniknennya folding that vartіsnih remontіv deformatsіynih shvіv pid hour ekspluatatsії virobnichih that skladskih primіschen, LLC “DOSVІD 2002” Pocha virobnitstvo spetsіalnih konstruktsіy hvilyastogo deformatsіynogo seam WAVE – profіl.

Фото схема деформационного шва

  1. Sine plate form with 5mm;
  2. Steel element with 2mm;
  3. The steel plate is supported by a 10mm and a steel case;
  4. Sawing іz rebar 10mm;
  5. Anchor 10×100;
  6. Gernite cord 20x30mm;
  7. 15mm cord;
  8. Bolt M12 polіpropіlenovy.

WAVE-profile construction constructs to work for design and temperature deformation in concrete and concrete areas, above all the average.

Deformatsіynі shvi mozhut ikoristovuvatsya at vshhtuvannі promislovy p_dlog logisticheskih kompleks_v, virobnichnyh tseh_v, torgіvelnyh that vistavkovyh tsentr_v, aerodrom_v, toshcho. Conceptual design of the WAVE-profile of the transmission system, especially overriding the system in Navi.

Characteristic peculiarity of the seam WAVE-prof_l є parenі hvilyastі profіlі to the upper part. In the case of anchor, for the construction of a joint seam in concrete work, the Vikorisovuyvatsya P-pіbnі reinforcement elementi, yakі krіplyatsya to the top І ї lower parts, and a similar data anchor for a seated attachment to a fixed attachment to the fixed attachment anchors a fixed wedge of the mark, a fixed wedge-pin for a letter, a fixed wedge Zavdyaki special steel plate, scrub in concrete, enter vertical parts of the cards (cards). Navantazhennya rozpodіlyayutsya іnvomіrno that proportionally (as in horizontal, so and vertically), forecasted predictions of horizontal-rukh suskhnіh cards one vnosno іншої; at tsomu navantazhuvachi і pilers smoothly move from one picture to another.

Tehnіchnі characteristics of the construction of the seam and vimogi up to their level

Фото тех. характеристики конструкций шва

* – Also, you can get the message of the local visibility and professional profile of the individual to the project

Width of rozkrittya seam at vshhtuvannі: 5mm (insert hernіtovogo cord); 10mm (insert cord cord); інша (індивідуальне зововняня) **.

** Butt: The temperature of the concrete sum at a height of -15 degrees C, the temperature of a sum at a level of hard – 40 degrees C. 5-2 = 12mm.

Recommended v_stan mіzh seams in opalyuvalnym pri_shchennyakh: for concrete p_dlog – max 30m; for indoor concrete plots (armored near the upper and lower zones) – max 60m; іnsha – not more nіzh dovzhina section pidlogi, with a yakіy bude rokkrittya seam – max 25 mm. When there is a steel width of the seam, it will take place at the time of exploitation, but at the most important, it is necessary to fix it with a sealing compound.